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New Website

Jun 2013
Thursday June 06, 2013
Our new websiteWelcome to our new website!

We have been working hard to integrate great new features into our website with input from you.

We wanted to make our website more appealing, easier to use and search engine friendly.

We've converted the site to 4+ to assure fast, multi-threaded usage.  Our site is entirely displayed is SSL for your security and we've try to make the interface light in both color and bandwidth.

Some Key features:
  • Stay Logged in longer
  • Keep your cart
  • Proof your item before you buy
  • Streamlined
  • Improved proofing experience
  • Fully multi-threaded to remove bottlenecks
  • Products bar visible on most pages
  • Ajax updates for a more polished experience
We have made some tutorials HERE to help get you started.