Friday June 07, 2019
 Catalogs just look nice!  A catalog tells your target market audience “We have something of value to share with you.”  It is hard to throw away a well-designed catalog.  Whether the receiver needs the items or not, they will flip through the pages and even save it for later.  Also interesting to note, Millennials, the group most thought to tune out traditional advertisements in favor of online digital ads, self-report that they prefer to receive information via traditional mailed catalogs versus e-mail.According to a USPS study, catalogs are the most read type of direct mail, with 42 percent of recipients reading...


Monday June 03, 2019
Catalogs are one of the most effective sales tools on the market for many companies, and are a very powerful avenue for promoting products and services. The print catalog remains one of the world’s best sales tools. These paper-based publications have many advantages: • Constant brand exposure• User-friendly for all ages• Easy readability• Quick search for products  Just think about it: we receive catalogs in the mail weekly, pick them up on the way out of stores and catalogs even come in the orders that are shipped to us. Catalogs allow us to browse and shop on our own time and seem to...


Thursday May 23, 2019
 As advertising has become increasingly dominated by the Facebook and Google duopoly, it would be easy to write off the print catalog as a relic. But more retailers and service-oriented companies are making a return to rolling out catalogs to hook prospects and keep existing customers loyal.  Even Amazon is reportedly planning to launch a toy catalog.  Costco, which has distributed catalogs to its customers for over 20 years, maintains that catalogs are a crucial driver for sales, both online and in its e-commerce stores. They state, “When we’ve done tests and not mailed things, we’ve seen a huge downward impact...

Direct Mail Extinct?

Thursday May 09, 2019
Think Direct Mail is Extinct? Think Again!We love to hear people say direct mail is dead because we know it means our customers’ direct mail campaigns have less competition. Contrary to popular belief, though it seems every one is so dependent upon the instant in-your-face digital age methods these days, traditional printed direct mail marketing is anything but extinct. And, aren’t you tired of all the time-consuming pop-ups and interruptions that online marketing pushes at you? A simple postcard received in the mail gives customers an option to save it and go back to it later … no annoying pop-ups… time is...

Happy Birthday to PDFL!

Sunday August 05, 2018
Happy Birthday to Us! It has been 14 years since we launched our online presence and it's been an amazing 14 years for all of us here at huge credit goes to you, our customer.On our special day, our wish is for you to have a great year ahead. We started our commercial printing company in 1986, and as the printing industry changed so did we. We adapted to the new market demands by taking our experience as a commercial printer and adding the latest technology to establish ourselves as one of the first Online Printers. Our goal is to bring our customers the finest quality printing at the lowest possible pricing...

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