is committed daily to environmentally friendly printing and manufacturing practices across our broad product line. As you can see from all of the information below, we are trying to be a completely “Green Manufacturing Facility” by involving our suppliers, employees and customers in printing and working GREEN together


100# GLOSS TEXT• All of our 100# Gloss Text paper carries the industry coveted (Tri-certification). This paper is FSC, SFI & PEFC certified paper. This paper also contains at least 10% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) fiber content and the mill who produces this paper utilizes environmentally friendly Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) papermaking for enhanced permanence. This paper comes from 100% well-managed forests in the USA, making it a true domestic paper.

14 pt. GLOSS COVER• Much of our 14 pt. C2S Gloss Cover is SFI Certified. This paper comes from 100% well-managed forests in the USA, making it a true domestic paper. We are in the process of converting all of our 14 pt. paper to certified and recycled.

70# UNCOATED OFFSET OPAQUE TEXT• Our 70# Uncoated Offset Opaque Text contains 10% Post Consumer waste (PCW) and is considered a recycled paper. This is a domestic paper from the USA.

What Is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council
(FSC) is an international network
that promotes responsible
management of the world’s forests. FSC has two main functions: 1. Standards Settings – Sets international standards for responsible forest management. 2. Accreditation body – accredits independent third party organizations who can certify forest managers and forest product producers to FSC standards (

What Is SFI?

SFI, Inc. is a fully
independent organization
responsible for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program. The SFI program is a comprehensive and rigorous sustainable forestry certification system that encompasses more than 133 million certified acres across the U.S. and Canada and includes over 200 program participants ( The SFI Program is endorsed by PEFC.

What Is PEFC?

The Program for the
Endorsement of Forest
Certification (PEFC) Council is
a global non-profit , non-governmental organization, which promotes sustainably-managed forests through independent third party certifications. PEFC provides an umbrella endorsement program for the mutual recognition of independent, national forest certification schemes. It’s the world’s largest certification program ( Recycles 100% of its pressroom plates once jobs are printed through scheduled aluminum recycling pickups from contracted scrap firms. This ensures that the aluminum printing plates that we use to produce our products in the pressroom are used in manufacture other consumer products, thus avoiding landfills.


PDFL recycles all of its scrap paper from the pressroom on through the finishing bindery, so no paper enters landfills. This scrap paper is used to manufacture other paper products down the line using industry certified environmentally friendly recycling practices.

PDFL recycles all of its wood pallets from shipments of paper and other products. Excess wood pallets are on a scheduled pick up for recycling, and are used for various other products such as: Mulch, Shredded die injected pallet making, burning for heat ovens in other manufacturing facilities, and many others.

PDFL uses an automated, chemistry free CTP plate making process to produce 100% of its pressroom aluminum printing plates. No chemicals are used and nothing harms the environment in the water system through plate rinsing or finishing with harmful chemicals.

PDFL recycles 100% of its Aluminum printing plates that are used on our presses, and the plates are used to manufacture other aluminum products.

PDFL uses a water-based aqueous coating that is 100% biodegradable on all products that are printed on coated paper.

PDFL employees also contribute to recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum products through corporate waste/recycling bins throughout the PDFL production facility. All of these products are taken to a local municipality recycling facility.

PDFL distributes and ships all of its finished products in recycled corrugated boxes that are sealed with recycled brown kraft paper tape.

PDFL uses RYOBI printing presses which are known world wide to reduce make ready times, reduce waste and also uses less electricity than other printing presses in the industry. Having used other top name printing presses in the past, we have noticed a significant difference in paper waste, ink waste, and electrical savings using RYOBI presses, which is all good for the environment and keeping costs low, so we can pass these savings onto you the buying customer with lower prices

PDFL ships all of its products with UPS, who use eco friendly trucks that have no pollution emissions when their trucks sit idle, and their trucks all carry this certification.

PDFL utilizes “used” hand/shop rags in its pressroom and production facility that are picked up weekly and “turnover clean/wash recycled” from a local supplier who is OHSA certified.

Local customers are encouraged to drop off any unused paper products for recycling FREE of charge at our Ohio production facility.

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