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Shadow offers business cards, postcards, brochures, posters, mailing labels and more...

Our Mission started our commercial printing company in 1986 and as the printing industry changed so did we. We adapted to the new market demands by taking our experience as a commercial printer and adding the latest technology to establish ourselves as one of the first Online Printers. Our goal is to bring our customers the finest quality printing at the lowest possible pricing and with the fastest turn around times available. Place one order with us and you will soon see what sets us apart from the rest of the Online Printers. more...

Discount Wholesale Color Printing offers online printing services at wholesale printing prices!

If you are looking for cheap printing services with four (4) color printing capabilities, you’ve come to the leader in professional online printing services. We offer many discount color printing options including customized solutions for your business and personal printing needs.

We print your work in 24-48 hours:

There is no more "Week Long Waiting" for your Postcard Printing, Brochure Printing or any other full color printing to be printed and shipped to you! can print your business cards, postcards, brochures, posters, etc. in 24 to 48 hours depending on the total quantity you choose to order and as long as your purchase meets the specifications below.

What Determines Turnaround Times

After your order has been placed, you will be asked to log-in to your account and upload your print files to us. Because we follow a strict production and press schedule the turnaround times are completely dependent upon your review and acceptance of your on-line PDF proof by 1:00 p.m. EST same day it is posted.

Order ships 24 hours, 48 Hours, etc.(based onTURNAROUND time for that product/quantity/feature*) after you approve your PDF on-line Proof. All turnaround times including 24 - 48 hours are based on normal business days, Monday through Friday and excludes holidays.
*See specific products for exact turnaround times


Mailinglist ProcedureStarting May 1, 2015.
In an effort to make mailing lists easier for you to manage, we have created a way to upload your lists right in your manage order area. Now, after the order is placed, when you are in the manage order area, there is a bar labeled "Upload Maillist". An Uploads box will open. Just follow the 3 easy steps.
  1. Optional, attach a message to the list with any information you think we might need.
  2. Browse for the list(s). You can upload multiple lists, however remember, there is a $10.00 fee for each list after the second.
  3. Click "Upload" at the bottom of the opened box, and you are finished.
You do not have to worry about emailing the list and remembering to include the order number. If you have any questions, please contact customer service and we will be glad to help with any difficulty. This will become mandatory starting May 1, 2015.

Address mailing services

We will help you plan your mail campaign.
  • First Class or Standard?
  • Carrier Route, 5-Digit ZIP CODE, 3-Digit ZIP CODE, AADC or Mixed AADC?
  • Postage Indicia?
  • Design...
Let us help learn more...

Print, Address & Mail - 25¢-33¢:

Let Print, Address and Mail a Full Color 4x6 Postcard, to a specific target market, for a TOTAL turnkey cost between 25¢ and 33¢ each.  The price you pay depends on the saturation of your mailing and postal discounts you can receive. You can reach 5,000 possible new or existing customers for between $1,250-$1,650 per campaign!

New Customers for only 1¢ each:

Would you like to use our Postcard Printing, Direct Mail Marketing, or Brochure Printing services and have access to millions of new customers for only 1¢ each? can provide you with instant access to millions of sales leads for: