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Personalized Mail


Full Service - Personalized and Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Our Full Service Personalized & Targeted Direct Mail Marketing program is for businesses who want to take their Mailing to another level, by having very specific messages on each individual Postcard mail piece that is sent.

Sending Personalized Targeted Mail, using Consumer and/or Business profiles and filters, assures you are ONLY mailing to Consumers who have a need for your products or services, and it shows them that you know more about them through the personalized message on the Postcard that they received from you.

Custom Design
 Color Printing on 2 Sides
Personalized Messages to the Consumer
12 pt. Heavy Gloss Card Stock
Targeted Consumer and/or Business Mail List
Address Mailing Services

Postage is an additional cost and will be determined once we build your list using your Geographic and Demographic profiles and filters.  We do not include postage costs in our Full Service pricing because of the wide range of pricing possibilities that exist in postage, based on your list saturations.  

Discounted postage costs will be determined after you place your order and we secure your list.  We will then process that list, which gives you the exact discounted postage costs that we can secure for you, and you will then pay for postage from the certified USPS report.  

  • Standard Marketing Mail  $0.330-$0.391  (up to 6x11)
  • First Class Automated Postcards $0.357-$0.406 (up to 6x9)
  • First Class Automated Letter sized  $0.507-$0.586  (up to 6x11)

Once you have determined how many pieces you are going to mail, you will then need to determine how many times you want to mail, and lastly how frequently that you want to mail.  

Let's say you order 10,000 qty. 6"x11" Postcards, and you chose to mail those 10,000 Postcards at a rate of 1,000 Postcards every 2 weeks.  We will Print all 10,000 Postcards and release 1,000 qty. into the Mail stream every 2 weeks, and bill you for the Postage at the time of each mailing.  Unlike many others, we do not charge more for:  1) Having to create extra Postage Statements, 2) storing Postcards or 3) making multiple deliveries to the Post Office.

Our professional Design staff and Direct Mail Marketing team will create a custom design for your Personalized Postcard Direct Mail Marketing Campaign that is based on elements that have already worked in your industry.  Your Personalized Postcard design will go through our stringent 8 point checklist of MUST HAVES when it comes to Personalized Direct Mail Postcard Design.  Personalizing your Mail will show the recipients that you are in touch with their needs and tastes, and our team will make sure to utilize this personalization to increase your response rates.    

Many other companies only use 10 pt. C1S (Coated 1 Side) paper thickness.  
They only print color on one side, and black ink on the back side.  
Only one side of their paper is coated.
They charge more for less.
Know the difference

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