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Creativity is subjective, and every creative person has a different way to get their creative juices flowing and develop that momentum. Creative ideas, whether they pertain to creative content or designs and illustrations, come naturally to you when you are in your comfort zone. The emotional side of things cannot be overlooked and using the traditional way of putting down your thoughts using pen and paper has no comparison. The rawness of your ideas and the bizarre train of thoughts, making their way into something substantial is as satisfying as it can be.


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With the rise of the digital age, we have practically become slaves to technology, and it seems almost impossible to ditch the laptop, tablet or your smartphone. But sometimes, it is important for the creative soul inside you to transition back to the likes of using pen and paper and discover the depths of creativity within you.


How Writing By Hand Unlocks Your Creativity

It goes unsaid that writing by hand improves cognitive abilities and memory, but how does it hone your creative skills? Neurological studies have found a deep correlation between the two. Since creative thinking is an amalgamation of various kinds of ideas and writing on paper actually puts multiple parts of your brain on active mode in a unique way that cannot be achieved through typing.


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Creativity cannot be measured in quantifiable terms, but it can certainly be enhanced and further improved by employing different methods. A study in the field of embodied cognition revealed that creativity was directly correlated to the fluid arm movements alternatively termed as “fluid thought”.


What’s in ‘pen and paper’ that fuels your creativity?

The use of pen and paper gives you a blank canvas to pour out your thoughts as it comes to you – it is like a trial and error process. There is no undue pressure of putting out the perfect first draft, and you have the liberty to go back and forth in organizing, planning and rearranging your thoughts. The flexibility that a pen and paper gives you to pan out your thoughts is inimitable to any other platform. Tools that incorporate the pen and paper, such as online project management tools or mobile apps, are great options for one’s creativity and productivity.


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However, if you want something less intimidating and are looking for a fresh start to reminiscence your creativity – turn towards the pen and paper. Did you know that even mindless doodling could be a great way to unlock creative ideas? Great personalities like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and John.F Kennedy found themselves aimlessly doodling during meetings – which was, in fact, one of their secret tools to enhance creativity and productivity. Nolan Feeney even went on to write a book on it titled, ‘How to Turn Your Mindless Doodles Into Productivity Enhancers’ – that’s how mighty the pen is!


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It helps you track down your thought process

Putting out your creative flair whether they are random thoughts, inspiration to get on with your first design draft or the urge to experiment with colors – makes the creative person inside you to resort to a pen and paper.

A writing pad or canvas is your own personal space to help you document your thought process. There will be times when you will cross out things, underline, circle and even discard your initial draft – but the whole process will ultimately help you build on the idea of what you really want.

You might have started in a certain direction, but by the end of it you might realize that a different route might lead to a completely different final product. And the entire process of getting from the starting to the finish point will be there in front of you. And it’s the attention to detail that makes the difference.


Mind-mapping is an effective way to sift through the exodus of information

With inspiration striking at the most unexpected hour – during a commute or a rather busy day, grabbing a pen and paper and laying down a mind map is a very effective strategy to realize the creative spark within you. You could start with a rather miniscule idea and build upon a larger than life idea – it’s all about the process and the creative energies that go into it. Small notes, little sketches all ultimately add up to a larger whole.


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It’s like laying the base and then connecting the dots and giving meaning to a rather raw version of your thoughts. And all this is only possible when you have a pen and paper to yourself to pour out your creativity in its original form. There are no limitations or restrictions rather just your imagination and a blank canvas to experiment with. The physical form of your thoughts fills you with a sense of achievement in the end, and you can always walk yourself through the entire process and revisit your rough sketches.


Information Processing is Better

According to a study by Psychological Science, penning down your thoughts gives you the time to reflect on your thoughts and be more selective, which adds on a layer of processing. Typing could at times just be mindless note-taking or does not usually involve a very well-thought-out process. Paper gives you a break from screens and the overwhelming digital world so you can actually concentrate on your thoughts. Incessant hours of multitasking overworking your mind can lead to burnout and hamper the way your brain processes information.




Resorting to pen and paper can help you slow down, collect your thoughts in one place and get down to your creative work. With just your creative agenda to concentrate on, non-digital spaces are free from unnecessary distractions such as emails, games, browser tabs and the like. This gives you the ideal opportunity to get into the creative zone and see your ideas come to life.


Creative Thought – Give It Time

Creative thought is a slow process and giving it due time, even a few seconds of concentrated effort can make a considerable difference in the final product. Which is why no matter how technologically advanced and digitally literate we become, the essence of paper cannot be lost. The contemporary society is fast transitioning to a paperless world, but the beauty of the human mind in its ability to curate experiences from original thoughts can never be re-created digitally. The creative thought process is not just limited to the mental aspect but also takes into account the practical facets of it.


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For example, a visual artist, designer or painter needs to actually practice to hone his skills, and for that the paper can never be replaced. Such design skills need proficient motor skills to be able to display your creativity at its best.

Which brings us to the most important aspect to not let the traditional pen and paper to die out.


Retaining Pen And Paper

Maintain a creative diary or journal and always keep it with you so that you always have the personal space to put down your thoughts and ideas. There is nothing more personally satisfying than to have a go-to place for your creative brainstorming. It’s like forging a bond with the pages of your notebook or diary that places you in your comfort zone and gets you to escalate your creative process.

With all social media distractions at bay, you can concentrate on what really matters and see your creative imaginations translate onto paper which can later be refined and given proper shape and meaning.


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 The most gratifying part of resorting to paper and pen is that whether you are a writer, videographer, art director, illustrator or serving in any creative position – you can use the paper to best suit your interests.

So pull out that blank, white piece of paper and let both your imagination and creativity run wild. Remember, it is only the mental barriers that can come in the way of your creativity, so breakthrough those virtual walls and go with the flow. You can get your work published and celebrate your milestones as you progress on your creative journey!


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