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Our website has been updated to support multiple devices including mobile support

Jun 2015
Sunday June 21, 2015
Our website is now mobile, tablet and multuple device ready. More to come on this very shortly!

How to Win a Local Election with Printed Door Cards

Sep 2014
Friday September 05, 2014
A guest post by Phil Van Treuren, a Print Direct for Less customer.

Door-to-door campaigning is something I enjoy doing, and it has helped me win three terms as a city council member in Amherst, Ohio. I call the technique I use "shotgunning,” and it's worked well for me and other local election candidates over the years. It boils down to this: quantity is more important than quality when it comes to door-to-door voter contact, and it's vital that you have a large, high-quality printed door card to leave at homes.

While it’s fine to spend a small amount of time at a voter’s home introducing yourself, you need to remember that you’re playing a numbers game: the longer you spend talking to one person, the less time you will have to talk to the rest of them. The more voters you have in your district, the more important this equation becomes.

Because of this, you need to jealously guard the amount of time that you devote to a single household. While it might not seem like a big deal to spend a few extra minutes with a homeowner who has lots of questions for you, those minutes add up. After several weeks, you can end up spending hours and hours talking to a relatively small number of voters.

That’s one of the dangers of actually knocking on doors and waiting for someone to answer: it takes a while for them to come to the door, and it could spark a long conversation that keeps you from interacting with more voters.
I live in a smaller city (about 10,000 voters), so I was able to hit every home in my targeted precincts four times in a several-month period. The first time through, I knocked on ever door and introduced myself to the voters if they were home.

If a voter answered the door, I told them something like this: "Hi! I’m running for City Council at-Large this year and I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Phil Van Treuren, and here’s a flier with some more information about me.”

About 95 percent of the people who I met would simply smile back, take the door card and thank me kindly without a single question. Very few wanted to engage in a conversation, which was fine with me. Although I was happy to talk with anyone who was interested, I also knew that I needed to cover ground as quickly as possible.

Here’s the thing: most voters really don’t want to talk to you. They have limited time and will never be as interested in your campaign as you are. Rather than make them uncomfortable by keeping them too long, it’s better to just introduce yourself, emphasize your name, and hand them a large (at least 4" by 6") professionally printed door card with more information. Believe me, they will be thankful for your brevity!

If a voter does try to keep you at their door for more than a few minutes, politely remind them that you have more homes to visit and ask them if they would mind calling you to talk more later. Sometimes you have to be a bit insistent.

Remember: this person deserves respect and answers, but they are only one vote. From the perspective of your campaign, it’s very important that you hit as many homes as possible in the course of a day.

What ever you do, never, ever take a homeowner up on an offer to come inside and sit down unless you are good friends with them. Let them know that you would like to, but you really must be getting back on the campaign trail.

The second, third, and fourth times I did door-to-door work in these neighborhoods, I didn’t knock; I simply dropped my flier on their doors as quickly as I possibly could. This is where I got the term "shotgunning”. Rather than singling out the addresses of likely voters–which could take a while–I simply hit every home in my targeted wards, like firing a shotgun.

Of course, if you have the time and resources, you could take a "sniper” approach and only hit the addresses that you have identified as targeted voter households. I’ve actually found that this sometimes takes even longer than just dropping your literature at every door, though, since you end up spending a lot of time looking for addresses, crossing them off of your list and so on (it can be a great tactic to use in a lower-turnout primary campaign, though).

If you knock on every door in a neighborhood on your first time through, then drop literature at their door two or three more times, then they are definitely going to remember who you are . . . and they will take note of how hard you are working to get your name out there.

Here’s another thing that might make you understand the importance of dropping your campaign literature as quickly as you can: the expensive cost of bulk mail. Every time you drop your fliers on the doors of all the houses on your route, that’s like doing a district-wide mailer. Think of how much it would cost you to pay for postage on that amount of literature

Phil Van Treuren

New Website

Jun 2013
Thursday June 06, 2013
Our new websiteWelcome to our new website!

We have been working hard to integrate great new features into our website with input from you.

We wanted to make our website more appealing, easier to use and search engine friendly.

We've converted the site to 4+ to assure fast, multi-threaded usage.  Our site is entirely displayed is SSL for your security and we've try to make the interface light in both color and bandwidth.

Some Key features:
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We have made some tutorials HERE to help get you started.


For Unique Marketing Campaign Use Door Hanger Printing

Oct 2012
Monday October 01, 2012

To market a product door hanger printing is used. Door hangers have been designed with lots of details and are easy to use. All this have been possible because of online printers. It is considered to be stylish to have door hangers as it serve multiple purposes. It can be used for campaigning in small communities or for mailer marketing or distribution in a seminar.  It is an effective business venture which can boost in business sales.


Demographic plays a very important role. You need to do research where your door hanger printing will be best understood and meet your target audience. If you want to sell a product you should know the market you want to distribute it. If a product is designed for home use then it should be marketed in areas where people live. If that product is marketed in an industrial area it will not give you the desired results. The area of the campaign should be aptly selected.


Door hanger printing has to be very stylish to look at. It gives you versatile avenue to explore while you are designing it. It should shine and stand apart from the crowd. Good door hanger will consist of plenty of colors and attractive images. The bottom line message has to be very attractive. You can always put a joke or punch line or testimonial while creating your own door hanger. If the look is out of the box then it is an attention grabber within minutes.

Online Door Hanger Printing

You need to limit your printing job to a traditional printer. You can go for online printer. The online printer can do a quick and professional job as they have design templates and handy up loaders. It gives you to control the design of the door hanger. It has your personal touch. Online printing companies have creative experts who can always help you more. Online printers can get your printing job also done. You need not run to press for the printing job.

Door hanger printing has been adding to the marketing campaigning. The right kind of the door hanger can help you in increasing your sales. If the sale increases then your profit will also increase. 

Grow Your Business with Online Printing

Sep 2012
Monday September 24, 2012
Online printing has been helping business to grow. When you present smart looking business card to a client or for creating business relationships it leaves a very good impression on that client. It is an asset for your company.
Promoting Business
Online printing helps you in promoting your business. You can get a business card printed by an online printer. The card will be unique in design. It will service as a valuable asset for your company. When you want to promote your business then you distribute these cards in the business circuit. The card is your identification.  You need to have plenty of business cards to distribute them. Online printing firms can help you in bulk production which is less in cost. 

Online printers have better designs than traditional printers. They have ready to use design templates. Design templates are very creative looking. They also have in-house designer who can design anything to everything. If design templates do not match your taste then you should go for the designers help. Online printers do not add extra for designing. They usually charge only for printing which cuts down the cost. 

Advantages of Online Printing
Online printers are preferred because they help in cost saving. It is very convenient to find an online printer. There are many places where printing facilities are not available so online printer comes handy. You can stay at your home and get your printing jobs done. It is easier as you need not run from pillar to post to get a printing work done from a printer. It deals are better than the traditional printer and they have great price cut-offs too. Online printers only do bulk printing. Bulk printing is cheaper than per card printing or small printing jobs. You can create your own layout. You are designer of your campaign or business card. You need not do brain storming with the designer how you want your product to look like. It saves a lot of time.  You can pick your own colors, fonts, and styles. Be it a business card or brochures or a door hanger you are the creator of it. All the details are present on the website. You do not need to hire a graphic designer for designing which also saves on money. 

Business Card Printing: Impression Leaving Tool

Aug 2012
Thursday August 30, 2012
Business cards are one of the cost-effective marketing tools used by most of the business companies and business associates. It has been continuously used by large percentage of business associated people for advertising their business at bigger scale. Some people as well call it exchanging cards which help them in building good relationship with clients.

Idea hidden behind Business Card Printing is to make more and more contacts with business people and advertise your business on the masses. If you are going to printing this marketing tool then should take the help of well-recognized designing cards company. They will not only design your cards well but as well do formatting and editing. Seeking such company online will definitely help you in saving your valuable time and money at the same time. Creating these types of cards by skilled and professional workers would normally last longer.

Whenever you choose a printing company for your business card, just make sure they have the following qualities:

Excellent service – Make sure the printing companies you have chosen for your business card printing are great in providing excellent work. Quality shows that they care about you and your work.

Price – Price is another factor that makes you to decide whether to stick with that printing company or not. However, it’s very hard to settle with a printing firm for very cheap prices and quality at the same time. This is the reason you’re advised to consider your options carefully after going a deep research. Always try to set a budget and work together within its restrain to see whether you can afford the services or not?

References and Reputation – These aspects need to be considered when you decide to pick your services. It’s also beneficial to ask people who have used the services offered by the company before you making contact with the printing company. You need to enquire that the business card printing service provider is well aware of the fact for following the agreed timeline and meeting your needs.

Business Card Printing: Brand Recognition Tool

Jul 2012
Monday July 16, 2012
Employing best marketing strategies become essential especially when you plan to set up a business. No wonder, this truly assist people who deliberately are in seek of building the best brand visibility and to market the business in general. Business card printing is still effective in the web world today to advertise your business on the global level. More people tend towards it because they find it cost-effective, efficient and reliable way to achieve success. It is truly an effective way to ensure your marketing message is conveyed to your potential customers.

As far as getting business card materials is concerned, they are easily accessible in the market and go for a cheaper price. This truly saves a great deal on cash. Additionally, you can easily print your company details, logo, message and other passing general information. However, you need to ensure that the cards are impressive to target prospects and the message can be understood efficiently. All these together will save your hard earned money and as well will enhance brand identity. This effective marketing tool can be printed anytime when needs come to you. You are free enough to choose its design online and hand over to your retail printing store either offline or online. Whenever, you handover your business card to any of your business associate or potential customers, it always remind them of your business, products and services.

Availability of a great numbers of printing shops online give you an opportunity to get your business cards printed in bulk and hence it assist you to reach to more prospects of people on wider scale. This is the reason most of the big companies today go for uniform business cards for their employees. These business cards contain the company’s logo along with the company dictum. Emergences of printing business cards in color, sophisticated designs, graphics and styles have given a new hope to the people who are always in seeks to uplift its brand identity.

Most probably, business cards are printed on a 1/8 size of print paper. However, the choices can be either black and white or color printing. The credit for the great development in the printing world goes to digital printing which has truly improved the quality of prints. The flexibility of adding coating to business cards leaves a shiny finish and also overall improves the business card printing.

Print Direct for Less!!

Jun 2012
Thursday June 28, 2012
John Burden is starting his own business, John's Painting in Elyria, Ohio and we had Print Direct for Less print his new flyers and business cards.  He is so happy with the turn out and will be promoting both his business and Print Direct for Less!! Thanks

Awsome Printing Company

Jun 2012
Monday June 04, 2012
Parents Without Partners in the Lorain and Cuyohoga County area was in need of new cards and brochures.  We now have great looking brochures and are being passed out at different events and every member is carrying the cards.  This has helped our group make our presence known in the area, membership has started to expand with the new and improved information!! Thanks Print Direct for Less for your help!!

Welcome to the Blog

Jun 2012
Friday June 01, 2012
Welcome to the new blog!